Teresa Giraldez


Ion channels are proteins in the cell membrane that allow the cells to communicate with the exterior world. The amazing thing about ion channels is that their function can be studied in real time, using techniques like patch-clamp and fluorescence. This is what we do in the lab. We try to understand how some types of ion channels work and how are they regulated by other proteins. Using a multidisciplinary approach (genetics, microscopy, electrophysiology, molecular biology), we aim to apply this knowledge to understand the basis of some neurological diseases that are precisely associated to defects in ion channel function. Thus, we will be able to identify new markers of disease and novel treatments. To this end we collaborate with clinicians and investigators of Hospitals and Research Institutions at the national and international levels.



Universidad de Oviedo 1991-1996

B.S. Biochemistry

Universidad de Oviedo 1997-2001

PhD in Biochemistry, Barros and de la Peña Lab

Yale University 2001-2005

Post-doctoral Fellowship, Sigworth lab

University of La Laguna 2006-2008

Postdoctoral fellow and instructor

University Hospital NS Candelaria 2008-2014

Junior Group Leader, “Miguel Servet” Award

La Laguna University since 2014

Tenure-track Lecturer and Group Leader “Ramón y Cajal” National Award